• Kiddy A

    Age 4 to 5

    At this age, children have a more complex way of thinking. They are able to identify patterns and have a more mature way of understanding space, measurement, color etc. In Neo Academy, we often equip Kiddy A children with tools like LEGO and craft materials to allow children to have creative expression.

  • Activities

    A typical day in Kiddy A class....

    Building LEGO

    Develops creativity

    Using LEGO bricks is the perfect opportunity not only for building fine motor skills but also enhances cooperative play and creative thinking.


    Promotes health

    Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular workout that promotes heart and lung health, improves strength and flexibility.

    Visit Alfamart

    Learn how to be independent

    Occasionally, teachers will bring children to the nearby convenience store to purchase items. This teaches them how to be independent.

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